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What is the history of the tool?

The first version of Denelezh was released in March 2017. The second version, aka Denelezh 2.0, was released in April 2018, including many improvements:

Each version was detailed in a blog post:

How are the statistics generated?

Denelezh uses weekly dumps of Wikidata. It gathers statistics about humans:

What are the ranks in Wikidata?

To sum up, each statement in Wikidata has a rank:

The best values represent the best values that are available for a property in an item: the ones with the preferred rank if they exist, the ones with the normal rank otherwise.

How can I have the number of biographies accross all Wikipedias?

You can't (or you have to do it manually). At the moment, Denelezh provides statistics about a specific Wikimedia project or all Wikimedia projects, not a subset of them.

What is the origin of the name Denelezh?

Denelezh means Humanity in Breton.

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